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Thank You!

 The MFH Annual Benefit Dinner held in March was a huge success ~
thanks to our many supporters.  Over 250 people attended, and dozens
more volunteered, donated items and services, or helped in numerous ways.  

  The proceeds from this fundraising event will be used for the
medicines and supplies needed to make our trips & projects truly successful.  
We are looking forward to this year's missions to Honduras and Haiti.

Thank you for your support!

Missions For Humanities teams have returned from their 2014 trips to Honduras and Tanzania. Since 2004, Missions for Humanity teams have cared for over 22,000 people, restored and pulled over 4,250 teeth, distributed 9,300 pairs of eyeglasses and collected and donated over one million dollars in medications and supplies.  Teams have planted trees, helped build schools and dormitories, and worked on community farms.  New sources of income have been given to single mothers by teaching jewelry and pottery making skills and in 2008 Missions for Humanity teams began an education project in Tanzania.  In July 2015 Missions for Humanity will be launching its first mission trip to Haiti and be beginning a number of projects in the U.S.  With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will be able to continue to add programs and better help those in need.


Photos from our Medical Teams
Email us at info@missionsforhumanity.org
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