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Interest in the mission trips to Honduras and Tanzania, as well as the number of people served, continues to grow. Missions for Humanity doctors, nurses, dentists, and teachers are now serving thousands of people each year. Every mission focuses on the medical, dental, and educational needs of the people, yet each trip is uniquely its own.

Missions for Humanity continues to be an ever-growing, vibrant organization. Mission trips fill within weeks of their announcement and future potential team members are now reserving places on teams more than a year in advance. Contact Us for more information about joining a trip.



Kathryn Crosson

 In the craziness of everyday life, in the busyness of work, home, and other commitments, have you ever stopped and thought, something is missing….there has to be more…there has to be another reason God blessed me with so much, other than to frantically run around all day trying to manage everything!  

If you have been thinking this…feeling this, then it is time for you to become part of Missions for Humanity (MFH).  Those pictures you see on TV of people living in mud homes with no electricity, clean water, or medical care are real… those pictures you see of people struggling here at home are real… and you can help them… you can make a difference in their lives.  

Missions for Humanity is an ever growing organization built by the hard work of many volunteers… all of one heart, all wanting to serve others… in whatever way they can.  Whether it be supporting MFH efforts collecting supplies for mission trips, working on fundraisers to raise money for medications and supplies, being one of the close to 200 people whose lives have been forever changed by sharing their talents on a mission trip, making a donation,  or praying for the success of our efforts,  MFH needs you and your support.  

So, take a moment… step out of the “craziness”…listen to your heart… and become part of Missions for Humanity! 


A Channel of giving you can rely on

 Your support will go directly to medicine, supplies, and assistance for those deemed of highest need in Honduras and Tanzania. All participating volunteers pay their own way. MFH pays no salaries, and has minimal administrative overhead, which allows donations to go where they are needed most.   

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